Seyed Edalatpour


Head in Oak 2016
Head in Oak 2016

Etude in Wood 2016
Etude in Wood 2016

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Standing on Stool
Standing on Stool 2014
Acrobats 2013

Standing 2015
Standing 2015

Study for March 2015
Study for March 2015

Kneeling Man 2015
Kneeling Man 2015

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"Study for March, Portland Limestone 2011

Currently exhibited at Monnow Valley Arts Centre

The Third Line

Monnow Valley Arts Centre
Sculpture installation in the sensory garden
7 June - 2 November 2008
Exhibition of small prints and sculpture
19 July - 14 September 2008

Online Exhibition Catalouge

Monnow Valley Arts Centre
Nr. Abergavenny,
Hereford HR2 0DY
Twelve & the 13th at MVAC

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11 July - 17 October 2007
Closed for Summer Schools
23 July - 14 August
Cheheltan at the Study Gallery of Modern Art
Cheheltan at the Study Gallery of Modern Art


Herbert Read Gallery,Canterbury
13 October - 18 November 2006

NA-KOJA-ABAD, a Persian linguistic calque the "land of No-where" was originally coined by Persian poet Sohravardi in the twelfth century. In his tale of "The Crimson Archangel" The visionary finds himself, at the beginning of the tale, in the presence of a supernatural figure of great beauty, whom the visionary asks who he is and from where he comes. These tales essentially illustrate the experience of the Gnostic, lived as the personal history of the Stranger, the captive who aspires to return home.

The question that must be asked is asked, and the reply is this:
                                                     "I come from Na-koja-Abad."

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Na-koja-abad, Herbert Read Gallery
Exhibition at the Herbert Read Gallery

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Sculpture by Seyed Edalatpour

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