Sculpture by Seyed.Edalatpour
Seyed Edalatpour

Square at Monnow Valley Arts Centre 2008
Twelve & the 13th at BDC ART98

Twelve & the 13th at MVAC 2008

Twelve & the 13th       1997-98

Portland Limestone
Overall Dimension: 5000mm X 2000mm
Small heads 330mm X 330mm X 330mm
Large head 660mm X 660mm X 660mm

This is an installation of thirteen heads, twelve of which are identical in size and the thirteenth head is twice as large. The installation was designed in accordance with geometrical rules in Islamic Architecture. The repetitive nature of the project was to investigate the possibility of the plural.The heads are carved from a squared block of stone . The size of the original block has not been changed. And it corresponds to the size of the plinth and the overall dimension of the piece. Twelve & the 13th was first exhibited at Art'98, the London Contemporary Art Fair.
For further information see Bibliography-Project commentery-Twelve & the 13th

©  Seyed Edalatpour

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